Tyrania is one of the most ancient civilisations in Neopia. Modern language is hard to come by, consisting mainly of grunts and snorts. In the far reaches of the plateau is a live volcano that the Tyranids once used as a place of recreation. Most have now moved out of it, and only the bravest souls venture within. The plateau is made of sandstone, and is very large. So much so that the Missing Valley area was completely lost by its own residents when they went out hunting one day.

Near the Plateau you'd find a series of cave paintings made with Thira Nia paint. They were washed off by Korbats and were recreated in the Archaeological Museum of the Ice Caves. Visitors to the site on Tyrania must be satisfied with a glimpse of a badly illustrated guide book, some poor quality photo-reproductions and a series of dispiriting signs.