Quizara's Curse is some type video game for the Leapfrog Didj released in January 10, 2009. The Wii version for this game will be released soon. The basic plot involves an Orange Kougra mage called Quizara casting a spell called the Weak' Curse over the Neopian Faeries, rendering them powerless. Players will control the Super Kacheek Brothers (referring to Super Mario Brothers) across the places of the Neopian World to release the Faeries from the curse. Known Characters

  • Malice, Spite and Vanity - The Dark Faerie Sisters
    ; They will need medicine to cure the faerie's illness.
  • Damen - Techo in need of a special snowglobe that could destroy Quizara.
  • Deena - Poogle searching for an item hidden in the Island Mystic.
  • Elkie - Acara responsible for hiding the item from Choras Tillie.
  • Eloisa - Usul on the hunt for a special Pink ukulele Usuki Doll.
  • Fink - JubJub whose favourite toy is a Rainbow bloon. It contains 2 zebra bloons, enjoy.
  • Leonis - Mynci who needed a green crayon to complete his picture of a forest like grove.
  • Menalie - Acara looking for her favourite flower deep in the jungles of Mystery Island.
  • Quizara - Main villain of the game; it was she who cast the curse over the Faeries.
  • Relph - Blumaroo in need of some Corpulent Carrots to finish his Cybunny stew. Luckily, use of this stew does not require the kissing of any Mortogs.
  • Remy - Kiko with a sweet-tooth for puddings in Hungry Kiko .
  • Scurlax - Owner of a Lucky Charms necklace.
  • Siona - Gnorbu that lost her hair-brush in Terror Mountain Tilt.
  • Welrick - Korbat that loves to read and always looking for new books in Book Finder.
  • Gargarox Isafuhlarg - Grundo searching for a doughnut-shaped Doughnutfruit to add to his shop in Hasee Bounce. ==Trivia==
    • Most of the items some of the characters wanted, such as the Corpulent Carrots, are now items in Neopia because the game has its own system of virtual prize codes.
    • As of October 2010, three characters are featured in 3 different items, Scurlaxs Lucky Charms, Remys Chocolate Fudge Cake, and Sionas Brush.
    • You must have at least 100 avatars to play this game and get avatars from it. You can find avatar items randomly over the site, it does happen, so keep trying!