It is time, we are off to the Olympics, well somewhat. In this game there are four different types of modes: skateboarding, soccer, swimming, and tournament. In tournament mode, you play all three games and answer various trivia questions for bonus points. If you want to just play one game, then choose that game, but you will not earn as much points as you would if you do tournament. 


  • Press the left and right keys to move.
  • Press the space bar to kick the person. ==Soccer:==

    • Press the left and right keys to move.
    • Press the space bar to kick the person. ==Swimming:==

      • Press the left and right keys to move and kick people.


Calcium builds strong bones. Just how much calcium is in one glass of milk? 300 mg

A giant glass of milk pour over the people.

Giant glasses of milk... My most EVIL invention!Vitamin B-12, which is found in milk, helps build this kind of cell. 

Red Blood Cells

    • All the milk is stolen!
    • Milk. What a lovely liquid. I think I'll take it.

Cleopatra made this substance a key part of her beauty regimen.  Milk

Someone steals the milk!

This milk is too interesting to put down!

You can have it back when I'm done...

Which vitamin in milk helps keep your skin healthy and smooth?  Vitamin A

Some miners cut the glasses of milk in half!

*whir* Ummm... *beep* We accidently chopped *click* this glass of milk in half.

*whirr* Don't tell the boss...

What percentage of kids have cavities before even reaching kindergarten?  40%

Peoples' teeth are removed!

We are sorry, but teeth, much like Jelly World, don't exist.Ancient medical texts recommend that drinking this before bed to sleep better? 


    • Someone put asparagus in glasses of milk!
    • This milk was made out of asparagus. It's ashame Adam got to it before you could. :(
    • 'Dr. Sloth has paid me to make sure that this milk has asparagus...
      Believe me, he pays very well.'

Question: How many glasses of milk should you drink per day? 3

    • There is no milk!

    • Master, forgive me. I couldn't fetch the milk.

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