Poogle 8-bit happy
  • Just on accoun' o' me bein' an 8-bit pirate dasn't mean I ne'er enjoy this time o' year! What time, ye ask? Well, certainly nay pillagin' an' plunderin' time. (Although tha' be really nice too.) 'Tis Poogle Day! Ye hear me? Poogle day. That's P-O-G... nay, 'tis P-O... well, if I could spell I probably wouldna become a pirate. Arrr!

  • Happy Poogle Day! Pirates - I mean, Poogles - can now be painted 8-Bit at the Rainbow Pool!
  • You can now purchase Magma and Tyrannian Poogle plushies at Plushie Palace!
  • Cap'n Threelegs is in a very generous mood as he is offering free training to all Poogles on Poogle Day!
  • Don't forget to check out today's Poogle-themed images in the Art Gallery!

  • '(An Overly Flowery) Ode To Alstaf', 'Backup Singer', and more Poogle Day Poems are up for your enjoyment.
  • There are two brand new outfits for Poogles only at the Clothing Shop.


They look so spendy!

  • Poogle Key Quest Tokens have arrived at the NC Mall! Race on over to get the Limited Edition Strawberry and Silver as well as the Camouflage Poogle Key Quest Tokens. Also, today is your last chance to visit a time where pirates raged war against the city of Maraqua! Do it now 'cause you don't want fall asleep for the rest of the day and spoil it.